Patty’s Kicking Cancer’s Ass

A client came in for a Healthy U immersion during which she had a total transformation. When we first spoke she told me of all the things she “hated” like leeks, greens and beans. Not only did she turn herself inside out and became someone new and improved as she ravenously consumed the delicious anti-inflammatory foods we designed for her specific needs, she shed her heavy designer bag which was cumbersome for her shoulder and back, this was truly a metaphorical moment. Gratitude for another satisfied client.
Dr. Dena


Dear Dena –

Thank you so much for everything you have done and will do for my sister. She returned from Chicago exhilarated and determined — the tone in her voice made my day! You did exactly what you promised — gave her ways to take control and take care of herself, which is all anyone under any circumstances can do. None of us in her family or circle of friends could do what you did; as much as we love her, we are just not equipped. I hope that you will stay in touch with her, as I’m sure she will have ups and downs.

With gratitude, admiration, and appreciation — Claudia Poster

PS My favorite part of her story about the trip was swapping her big heavy showy Chanel bag for the lightweight backpack!

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Jason is Kicking Cancer’s Ass

I came across your site and I figured I would give your my story of me kicking colon cancer’s ass this year at the early age of 32. Back in 1998 my father was diagnosed with colon cancer after having major symptoms.  He had ostomy bags and then passed away from it back in 2004.  When they figured out it was genetic due to a mutation on chromosome 2 on that side of the family, they suggested that everyone should be tested genetically to see.  My aunts, one or two cousins all had it done and my one aunt has it, one cousin has it and that is it.  John Hopkins University told me I should have it done but I waited as they said I should maybe get a colonoscopy at 33 unless I started to get symptoms.  Well last September at the age of 31, I went and had the genetic test done and I waited for results.  One September 23rd, I had a colonoscopy and found a spot in my ascending colon.  Being shocked, I had surgery not too much longer after (October 4th, 2 days after my 32nd birthday) to remove almost 2 inches of my ascending colon.  While waiting in the waiting room right before surgery, I received a phone call from the genetic counselor trying to set up an appointment to talk to me and I said, “I bet I know what the results are” and they didn’t want to tell me over the phone until I said I had a spot and was waiting to go get prepped across the parking lot and they told me I had the gene, no surprise at this point.  After the surgery, they sent the piece off for biopsy and found out it was stage III colon cancer but they felt it was not there long.

My aunt and cousin have the gene and had a couple polyps and all were fine, and mine was a genetic disaster.  While they figured out the stage, they had one problem and that was the mucin level.  All of us have a mucin 1 and 2 and I only had 1 and not 2 which was extremely rare.  The diagnosis was confirmed by a doctor in Italy who did the other case and was counseled by my doctors.  I had a chemo port put in the end of October and started chemo in November which I would do for 6 treatments (3 months of FOLFOX) and that was a living hell.

I have never felt so much discomfort and pain in my life and after I got done with treatment I got hooked on pain killers as I am opiate immune and was taking 120 mg every 4-6 hours to kill the pain so I could function.  At the end of the treatments, the doctor just pretty much wrote me off and let me suffer without tearing me down so that I would not have withdraw.  I had to suffer and find medicine from other people to keep the extra pain and discomfort away until I started another medicine to help.  This was really terrible and I also on a trial run of Celebrex which is trying to prove that this medicine will help fight and treat colon cancer and I am on it for 3 years.

During the beginning of my treatment I was fully cleared to go back to work, got examined by my company’s doctor and cleared and was told that there are no exceptions and if they were to except me they would have to do it for everyone and terminated me.  I lost my health insurance and everything and have filed an EEOC charge in I am still waiting for them to hand it to an investigator 7 months later.  I wanted to share my story in a nut shell and I pleased to be told I was cancer free in April on the 16th and I have to do another colonoscopy and an endoscopy in September and I am confident it will be great this time.

Genetics are real and I recommend everyone with a family history of anything to get checked.  If you need to talk to me, email me and I can send you contact info and I wish you all the best in everything you do.


Jason M Spohn 



Thank you for writing, I personally believe that genes can be disproven….we are not our genes! Dr. David Servan Schreiber states this clearly in his book Anti Cancer A New Way of Life.

The easiest way of changing our genealogy is by changing the terrain of our bodies’ environment or our bodies “garden” this is done easily with healing alkalinizing foods such as greens! Drinking baking soda is a great way to kill yeast and fungus as well as great quality probiotics. Eating fermented foods can help aid in the growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

I love when people come to me with all manner of “label’s” for their diseases, I tell them, I don’t really care about the label or name of the disease as much as the physical and emotional manifestations that caused the dis-ease.

Here is an example: if you are expressing with lumps, bumps and tumors of any kind, I would suggest getting off of all inflammatory causing foods such as wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar!

If you are expressing with emotional anxiety and depression I would suggest calming the adrenal/nervous system by removing all stimulants from your diet such as sugar, caffeine and drugs or alcohol of any kind.

Removing disease-causing substances such as sugar is not so easy since we are all addicts of one thing or another.

The goal for you my Jason is to de-inflame your gut or bowel…coffee enemas would possibly be helpful…working with a lymph drainage master as well as some qui gong!

Change your diet immediately as food is always the first line of defense….read my book A Survivors Guide to Kicking Cancers Ass, you can read the testimonial from one man who kicked pancreatic cancers ass by changing not only his food but his mental and emotional state…remember there is always an emotional component to all dis-ease. Also don’t buy into the mind set of “I must get this disease because my genes say it is so.”  The law of nature is we attract that which we fear or put energy into.

So think perfect health, breath it, sleep it, eat it, feel it, truly believe it!

Health and light

Dr. Dena

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Lung Cancer

Thank you for an inspiring book.My husband, Dylan has been diagnosed of stage 4 inoperable,infiltrating, metastatic lung cancer with secondaries to mediastinum and lymphnodes.He had resection of the left lung and has received chemotherapy and radiation from May 2011-December 2011.He was disease free in January 2012.In May an X ray was done, he has a recurrance.We are currently following the guides in the book.Is there anything that is more specific for lung that we can do
Thank you for reaching out. …Your husband is certainly going through a health awakening journey…make no mistake about it, when someone in our lives is called to action it is for us and everyone around them to wake up and evolve. The physical stuff is typically easy, more greens = alkalinity. Less wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar, junk = less acidity thereby creating a healthier terrain/garden that will flourish with perfect health.

It’s when we must look at the emotional component that exists in the presence of every dis-ease that things get tricky.

The emotion that relates to lung is deep grief. When a person is assembling all the pieces of the puzzle together so that they may become more aware they must literally rip them selves open in the process so that they can step outside of the old physical and emotional patterning into a bright new healthy day!

My advice is to go full steam ahead as you take on this health awakening challenge in every way, change physically, mentally, emotionally and you shall transform for this plane or the next.

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One in six cancers ’caused by treatable infections’

Bacteria, viruses and parasites cause around 2m cases of cancer in the world each year, experts believe.

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This article is fascinating. My personal opinion is that all cancer’s are related to fungus, mold and yeast due to the terrain of the body or the ph balance being out of whack. When the body gets depleted of good bacteria, which it needs to fight disease and it then becomes over burdened with bad bacteria ex. Fungus/mold then we become ticking time bombs for disease of all kinds.

The answer is that we must build up the good bacteria in our intestines that help us to fight disease. I do this by using the highest quality lactobacilli and probilourdi, I just learned how to make my own yogurt. No the advertisements on television about yogurt filed with sugar and fruit do not have enough live cultures to help at all.

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